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Frequently Asked Questions

The 2nd International Rehabilitation and Allied Health Sciences Conference (RASCON-24) is a premier gathering of experts, researchers, practitioners, academics, and innovators in the field of rehabilitation and allied health sciences. It is dedicated to exploring the transformative power of digital technology in shaping the future of healthcare.

RASCON-24 is scheduled to take place from March 1st to 3rd, 2024, at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Lahore.

The theme of RASCON-24 is “Revolutionising Healthcare Services and Industry in a Hyper-connected World by Navigating the Digital Ecosystem.” The conference aims to highlight the dynamic interplay between digital advancements and healthcare.

Participants can expect a unique blend of inspiring keynotes, insightful panels, and interactive workshops designed to provoke thought, inspire innovation, and foster practical applications in the field of rehabilitation and allied health sciences.

RASCON-24 explores the integration of digital technology and healthcare, focusing on evidence-based knowledge to bridge gaps, build networks, and propel the healthcare industry forward through a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach.

RASCON-24 is open to seasoned healthcare professionals, emerging researchers, and stakeholders in the healthcare industry, providing a gateway to the future of healthcare.

The sessions at RASCON-24 focus on the latest research, groundbreaking developments, and the evolving challenges and opportunities that digital technology presents to the healthcare sector.

Yes, participants can explore the speaker lineup for RASCON-24 on the conference website to learn about the national and international speakers renowned for their contributions to healthcare.

Information about registration for RASCON-24 can be found on the conference website. Details regarding registration fees, deadlines, and the registration process will be available for prospective participants.

Participants can stay updated about RASCON-24 by regularly checking the official conference website for announcements, news, and any updates. Additionally, relevant information may be shared through official social media channels associated with the conference.